Is the Year Really Almost Halfway Done?!

Our apologies for being so delinquent with blog posts for this year! It has been busy! But let’s correct a few of those things!

The Mosca Lab has been hard at work! In March, Tim and Lucas attended the 60th Annual Drosophila Research Conference in Dallas, TX. Lucas presented his research on synaptic maturation and gamma-secretase to rave reviews and deep questions about synaptic function. He did spectacularly and even got a photo with the infamous Genesee Scientific fly vials!

2019-03-28 16.03.54.jpg
2019-03-30 12.02.46.jpg

Since the last update, we added THREE (!) new members to the lab! We’re terribly excited to have them around. Libby Moese (left) is a Master’s Student here at Jefferson. She comes to us from Miami University with a keen interest in neurodevelopment. She’ll be studying synapse formation in the CNS and maturation. Dr. Stephen Tymanskyj (middle) joins the lab as a joint postdoc between our lab and his continued outstanding work in Le Ma’s lab here at Jefferson. Steve has a wealth of live imaging and neuroscience experience and will be building a toolkit for synapse imaging. Finally, Dr. Michael Parisi (right) joins us as a Senior Research Investigator. Mike has over 20 years of Drosophila experience and will be joining us to build tools for synaptic imaging, screen genes involved in neurodevelopment, and generally push back the frontiers of knowledge. It’s our pleasure to welcome all of them to the lab!


Stay tuned for more updates! We’ll be better, we swear. To keep you intrigued, there might be some big funding news in the coming months. Stay tuned!