New Rotons and New MEMBERS!

March was an exciting month for the Mosca Lab! Shortly after a delectable Pi Day, our two rotation students, Alison DePew (left) and Mike Aimino (right) officially joined the lab as graduate students! What made them finally decide? Could it have been the pies? Perhaps the Snuggies? Either way, we're excited to have them and can't wait to show you what frontiers of knowledge their theses will push back!

2018-03-16 12.13.33.jpg

At the beginning of April, we had two NEW rotation students join the lab. Mike Warkala from GGCB and Nicholas Pizzi from CBRM are spending Spring II with us. They're a wonderful addition to our growing lab and will be studying critically fascinating questions about synaptic development. Welcome Nic and Mike!