The *New and Improved* Mosca Lab

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We've been very busy here in the Mosca Lab. At the end of September, after much construction, many months of waiting, and a few delays, the Mosca Lab officially moved into its new wet lab and personnel space in the Bluemle Life Sciences Building here at Jefferson University! When all is said and done, we will have over 1600 feet of space in which to push back the frontiers of knowledge! Our wet lab consists of 5 benches, two protein and DNA gel running stations, and a wall of supplies and equipment!

2017-10-15 15.52.52.jpg
2017-10-15 15.52.38.jpg
2017-10-15 15.52.06.jpg

We also have a dedicated room for our personnel! Gorgeous new desks (all hand assembled by Tim and Lucas), shelving for any and all of your storage needs, and plenty of places for you to think about science and watch cat videos on Twitter. We also have a fridge, a microwave, and an impending snack drawer. We're also set to grow with space for more desks, more equipment, and more snacks. Now doesn't this look like a fantastic place to do science? Wouldn't you like to come join us! Click on the button above to find out how!

You didn't think we'd leave without a shameless plug to entice new lab members to join, did you? COME VISIT US!

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