Postdoctoral Positions Available Now !!!

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The Mosca Lab is hiring!

We are an exciting, NIH- and independently-funded, lab seeking highly motivated, independent-thinking POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWS to study synapse organization. We study how synapses form and function in sensory systems with a focus on: elucidating the molecular events downstream of critical cell surface synapse organizers, and understanding how plasticity and three-dimensional synapse organization in circuits shapes behavior. We use high resolution microscopy, Drosophila genetics, biochemistry, and behavioral analyses to understand the developmental, molecular, and circuit bases of connectivity. We also place a high value on creating a supportive environment for scientists to grow, learn, question, discover, and achieve professional goals.

The Department of Neuroscience at Jefferson is a vibrant community with strengths in synapse biology, neurodegenerative disease, and neurophysiology. You will join a growing cadre of supportive, outstanding, and collaborative neuroscientists with newly renovated, state-of-the-art space and equipment in an exciting research environment at the heart of the city of Philadelphia.

Optimal candidates will have a recent Ph.D. in neuroscience or a related field, evidence of outstanding scholarship, and excellent communication skills. Experience in cloning and molecular genetics is essential. Candidates with biochemical and/or Drosophila research experience are particularly encouraged to apply. Though the position is funded, candidates will be encouraged and mentored to apply for additional support. In addition to core lab projects, postdocs will be able to pursue studies that combine their interests with that of the PI.

Visit to learn about our lab! Interested candidates should send a CV, a brief personal statement highlighting research experience and future interests relevant to our lab, and contact info for 3 references to:

Dr. Tim Mosca
Department of Neuroscience
Thomas Jefferson University
Philadelphia, PA 19107
timothy dot mosca at jefferson dot edu

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